The Medieval City of Pérouges

Pérouges is one of the best preserved medieval towns in France with the Most Beautiful Villages of France label. Its lime tree in the central square, planted during the French Revolution in 1792, has been classified and protected since 1948 as a natural site.

The Bird Park

The Bird Park of Villars les Dombes brings together a collection of more than 3000 birds from all over the world in a 380 hectare reserve located in the heart of Dombes. The site is listed in the General Inventory of Cultural Heritage and has been open since 1970

The Balme Caves

Visited since 1807, the Grottes de la Balme are one of the most remarkable natural spaces in France. They shelter small basins, draperies, stalactites and stalagmites, labyrinths, underground lake. All this constitutes a magical and mysterious place.


Lyon , a French city in the historic Rhône-Alpes region, sits at the junction of the Rhône and the Saône. Its center bears witness to 2,000 years of history, with its Roman amphitheater of Trois Gaules, the medieval and Renaissance architecture of Vieux Lyon and the modernity of the Confluence district on the Presqu’île.


Bourg-en-Bresse is a city with a generous past which has managed to preserve an original heritage testifying to its successive evolutions. A former Gallo-Roman stronghold, it was attached to Savoy during the Middle Ages before becoming French in the 16th century. The city is full of old buildings, memories of this glorious past: medieval half-timbered houses, 17th and 18th century mansions, including the Marron de Meillonnas hotel, the Notre-Dame church…


Activities for all

  • Canoeing (camping nearby the starting line)
  • Canyoning
  • Rafting
  • MTB


Le Bugey

Le Bugey is a very large and diverse country, from Haut-Bugey, very close to the Jura, where Nantua and Oyonnax are nestled, to Bas-Bugey, known for its vineyards and gastronomy. In the center, discover the breathtaking landscapes of the Ain valley, with Cerdon, and all its picturesque villages full of small and big stories or the castle of Allymes.

The Dombes

The Dombes is a wild and beautiful country. Famous for its ponds, its fauna and its flora, the Dombes is a place conducive to walks and communion with nature.


The river of Ain

The Ain river and its tributaries represent a great fish wealth in the heart of the department. It is the showcase river of the department in terms of fisheries, in particular the “lower Ain river”, from downstream of the Allement dam to the confluence with the Rhône.

The Dombes

The Dombes is definitely a fishing region, both that of the ponds practiced by professionals and that of the communal ponds (carp, tench, pike, roach, etc.) by individuals or in the many rivers of the Dombes.